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Where are you going? by ilolamai

incredible work here. i must say, the coloring, lineart light effect, shading propotions & anatomy. everything is very good. and i cant see any flawes on it. well except one thing. she looks to small for the car. i mean if you look cloesly it looks like she barely can see from the front glass, or maybe this is just because the seat is pushed back too much.
anyway yeah.
vision: its pretty damn good a real EYE CANDY. from the cute girl to the car detailes. and the little TV i bet it took you a time just to draw it. and the background, well i assume its the beach , but its not very clear to see. her expression is kinda bland though

originality: well...cant really say its original but its a nice idea. wich not alot of pepole do. espacily making the car control on the right side instead of the left .

technique: i have nothing to complain on this one. i mean i never can do something as amazing as this. the lineart is very well done. the coloring is very based and is not too bright that it will hurt the eyes and the shading is PERFECT.

impact: well for me. its not really something special but i still do like it and i can look at it for a long time cuz of all the small detailes

so in overall its very good and a nice piece of art ^^
8.5 of 10
The Artist thought this was FAIR
43 out of 48 deviants thought this was fair.


ilolamai Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012
Thank you very much for your compliment and critique.

That TV screen,i just used my old picture,copied and pasted.

Well,in my country,we drive on the left,so the steering wheel has to be on the right.

Thanks for your rating too^^
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